Internal Audit Reports - Management Action Plan
February 2012

The Internal Audit Report is a management tool used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commission’s activities, while demonstrating accountability and stewardship of resources. The Report also includes a Management Action Plan to implement recommendations.

Human Rights Maturity Model – Implementation Guide
February 2012

Are you looking for the complete, step-by-step approach to implementing the Human Rights Maturity Model in your organization? This guide was designed to help organizations develop and implement human rights practices and policies in the workplace.

Human Rights Maturity Model – Continuum
February 2012

Are you looking for a visual representation of how the Human Rights Maturity Model works? Would you like to display the Model in your office, or distribute to your colleagues and employees? This chart illustrates the outcomes and indicators of each of the five levels of the Human Rights Maturity Model. It is an 8x11, printable hand-out that you can distribute at your workplace.

Human Rights Maturity Model – Information Pamphlet
February 2012

Are you looking for general information on the Human Rights Maturity Model? This pamphlet provides a glance at what the Human Rights Maturity Model is and how it works.

November 2011

Did you know that Aboriginal children in Canada face inequities and discrimination as a result of the Indian Act? Did you know a large number of Aboriginal people still do not benefit from the most basic services that other Canadians take for granted? This report looks at a range of issues currently facing Aboriginal people living on reserve, with a specific focus on Aboriginal youth.

National Security and Human Rights
November 2011

How can one be sure that human rights are being considered when national security measures and policies are created? Are Canada's national security organizations respecting human rights? This report recommends that Canada's national security organizations be held accountable for upholding human rights in their operations.

November 2011

Are Canadian security organizations considering human rights when developing security measures and policies? In this Special Report to Parliament, the Commission recommended that Parliament pass legislation requiring national security organizations to publicly demonstrate how they meet obligations to respect human rights.

November 2011

Do you work for an organization responsible for national security? Are you looking for ways to create and maintain security measures that respect human rights? The Human Rights Impact Assessment is a tool that can help you identify and eliminate potential discriminatory practices in the development of security measures.

Now a Matter of Rights: Extending Full Human Rights Protection to First Nations
June 2011

How did the Commission help prepare First Nation communities and other stakeholders for the repeal of section 67? What principles were followed to ensure the successful implementation of the repeal? This report documents the steps taken by the Commission in preparation for the repeal of section 67. It also illustrates the many challenges to ensuring full access to human rights protection for Aboriginal people in Canada.

March 2011

Designed specifically for First Nations leaders and administrators, the Handbook offers information to help First Nations communities identify and resolve human rights issues.